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Guitarist | Singer | Songwriter

21 year old Quinn Sullivan’s musical odyssey began with an early obsession with the guitar and in particular, the music of The Beatles. He proved to be a voracious learner and by the age of 6, was performing Beatles classics with his own tribute band, playing local concerts around the Boston area where he grew up. One of Quinn’s earliest musical memories was attending his first live concert in 2005 , which just happened to be Paul McCartney at the Boston Garden. He was completely taken in by the show, galvanizing not only his love for music, but the idea that playing music onstage, in front of an audience, is something he would love to do. A few months later, Quinn was invited to perform on an early episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show. His solo version of Twist and Shout brought down the house and Quinn has never looked back.

“I want to make music that moves people. That is the definition of success for me. ”

The story continued in 2008, when Quinn met guitar icon Buddy Guy at a concert in his hometown in Massachusetts. He was invited to sit in that night and remembers feeling quite at home on stage. “For some reason I wasn’t nervous… just excited” Buddy was sufficiently impressed and a year later, Quinn was asked if he wanted to go on tour with him during his summer school vacation. He jumped at the chance and had the best Summer of his life.

That seminal experience morphed into 10 years of touring the world with Buddy Guy and his band, playing iconic venues and festivals including the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden, RFK Stadium, Montreux Jazz Festival, and Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival . During this time Quinn continued to expand his songwriting portfolio, delved deeper into his instrument, and fine tuned his vocal prowess while collaborating with many of his musical heroes both on stage and in the studio.

After a decade that included 3 album releases, numerous TV appearances , as well as countless miles of grinding it out on the road with his band, Quinn is now poised for the future. In early 2019 Quinn began work on his fourth album in Los Angeles with Producer Oliver Leiber. For this new project, the songwriting dives inward to explore personal themes of love and loneliness as well as universal themes of hope and optimism in an uncertain world. At the heart of the project lies Quinn’s stirring vocals and stunning guitar work. This latest collaboration with Leiber sees Quinn with full co-writing credit for the first time. Release scheduled for late 2020 accompanied by national and international touring.

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