January 13, 2014

New music video “She Gets Me”

Quinn has released his first music video with the single “She Gets Me.”  Read more about the song here.

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This kid is AWSOME! Does he have a cd with song on it? Gotta have it!


someone told me to watch the Ellen show today, when I did I had to do a double-take quin Sullivan looks JUST like my 19 year old grandson,,it brought tears to my eyes to watch him perform the son”she gets me”,made me think I was watching my grandson! Well unfortunately we lost my grandson J.R. in 2005 to a rare heart condition, but if he were here today, he would no doubt be sayin “SWEET!”


Still your biggest fan, Quinn. Can’t wait for your next album.


you did it Quinn !!!!!! that made you feel as you were there in his song to your first love.
above the clouds and you just want to say in that moment and never let go of your first Love affair. One of a kind high, the only kind of high, its real. one search for love and you did Quinn do some more.


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